Online Conferences


During the pandemic, most of the world moved to some sort of online-conferencing. That triggered my interest into this sort of online work. I have managed in a short period of time to organize two conferences for 200+ people.

That being done, I have continued my interest in this field, and created in order to offer my services to clients who want professional, clean conference organization.

Conference Website

For conferences I create their own website with open registrations, tickets, online-payments, etc.

Social media

During the conference, organizations had their own internal social network to communicate between each other and they loved it. They had their own profiles, walls, like on any other.


Not everyone is experienced to host meetings on video conferencing platforms. That is why I consulted them and helped them in organizing the conferences with Zoom and CrowdCast.


Interpret Europe

Year: 2020 – present

EUROPARC Conference

Year: 2020 – present