Lectures / Publications

2021: From Zero to Hero

In December 2021. I was a lecturer in an education for young people in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Education was held for 3 days where students were able to learn principles of graphic design, as well with basics in amateur tools like Canva or Prezi, and professional software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

2021: Web Lab

In January 2021. I was a lecturer in an online, Zoom powered school for begginers in WordPress. The school lasted for two days this time.

2020: Running a conference online: Lessons-learnt brochure

After successfully completing Interpret Europe’s online conference, together with other organizers I have participated in creation of lessons learnt brochure.

2017: Web Academy

During December 2017. I was a lecturer in Web Academy for unemployed persons. Throughout the month I have passed the knowledge of ways to create a website to 20 young people who were interested in starting with web design.